Residential Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls - Residential and Commercial

December 09, 2018

Shotcrete is a great option for retaining walls.  Older style walls of rocks or sleepers are time consuming to put up meaning added cost in labour,and mess for a long period of time. Shotcrete can be completed in a couple of days. Each and every wall is different, some needing soil nails and rock bolts to be inserted into the wall for stability and longevity whilst other walls need mesh or predominantely our specialised steel or plastic fibres in the concrete mix.

Jemna offers excavation and uses geofabric for drainage before shotcrete begins.  Applications include walls behind houses/sheds or commercial buildings, under house ground support/pinning as well as poolside retention.

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Brookfield ground support drains.jpg
brookfield shotcrete wall backyard finis
Underhouse retaining
karana downs unprepared wall.jpg
karana down meshed and drained wall.jpg
karana downs shotcrete underhouse wall.j
Underhouse stairwell retaining wall
Dayborough back of stairs before.jpg
dayboro back of staris after shotcrete.j
Poolside shotcrete retaining wall.
20160514_121038 after.jpg
Pad cut and retaining wall sprayed.
Bus pad Jemna before.jpg
Bus pad after shotcrete Jemna.jpg