Shotcrete in Civil Application.

Shotcrete Spoon Drains

Shotcrete is the perfect choice when constructing open spoon drains.  Each spoon drain specification is different, per drain, per job.  The height, depth and curve is carefully calculated to direct the run off water to the intended place.  Jemna handsprays all spoon drains with precision.

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Retaining Walls - Residential and Commercial

Retaining ground is needed in numerous capacities, residental , civil construction as well dangerous tunnels and mines.  Jemna is experienced in all facets of retaining large or small amounts of dirt. 

No job is too small or large using both Jemna's Road Registered Shotcrete Rig and Handspraying option.  The Rig is capable of  spraying  fibrecrete / concrete up to 18 metres off the ground as well a sloping ground without the need for extra equipment such as  cherrypickers, saving time and labour.  Jemna's Handspraying Setup allows access into  hard to get to spaces such as under  buildings and entertainment / sports venues ie tennis courts

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Shotcrete Sprayed Batter / Pile Walls

Initially Jemna was called upon to carry out remediation works on the 6 metre excavation that due to ground conditions and excessive rain prior to the piles being installed was rapidly deteriorating posing threat to the properties above.After carrying out this operation Jemna remained to install steel, shotcrete and drainage for the Pile wall surrounding the basement and to respray over the previous contractors work giving a total flat gun finish wall.These works were carried out successfully, timely with the client choosing a gun finish product. Access for these works was logistically challenging with the distance and tight street frontage.

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